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Admissions Procedure

Admissions are an ongoing process throughout the whole school year but the majority of new enrolments are at the beginning of the school year. The admission process that is followed is strictly according to the guidelines as prescribed by the Gauteng Department of Education, as per South African Schools’ Act 84 of 1995 Chapter 2 (5.5) and White Paper 6 of July 2001.


Once it has been confirmed that the learner is in need of special education then the school will be informed by the District Office to arrange an appointment for an admission.


As soon as the suitable placement for the learner becomes available the Parent/Guardians are contacted to bring their child in for the final placement interview.


The following documentation is needed for an admission:


• Parent/Guardian Identity Document.

• Learner’s birth certificates or identity document.

• A medical report must be submitted.

• A Psychologist and Therapist reports must be submitted, if appropriate.

• Paediatric Neurology assessments are very important and need to be done. This is the parents’ responsibility.

• Foreign National : Work permit or asylum passport.


If a learner is from a mainstream school, the following documents will be required:


• Learner’s latest progress report

• Learner profile and transfer card

• GDE 450 SUPPORT FORM- From the institutional level support team to show that all efforts to assist the earner have been made before the learner was referred to a special school.


Who can apply?


• Learners with Severe Intellectual Disabilities

• Learners’ from the age of three years to 21 years living with a Severe Intellectual Disability

• If Learners are from mainstream schools ; not older than Thirteen years

• Learners shall be transferred to the Connie Mngomezulu Training Workshop after the age of 19 years.


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